Dr. med. Estefanía Lang

Specialist for skin and venereal diseases

"With dermanostic, the inhibition threshold to see a doctor is lower. As a result, people can be helped at early stages of the skin disease."

En dermatostic desde: April 2020

Número de pacientes dermánostic tratados: 24.500

áreas de especialización:

  • Dermatology
  • Venereology
  • Teledermatology (dermatology by image-text method)
  • Specialist management of dermanostic
  • Paediatric dermatology (dermatological diseases of children)
  • Photodermatology (dermatological diseases caused by light)
  • Andrology (men's health)

Dr Lang completed her medical studies at the University of La Laguna and at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in Spain. As part of her medical studies, she took part in an Erasmus student exchange programme at the University of Cologne.

After completing her studies, Dr Lang began her further training at the University Hospital Düsseldorf to become a specialist in dermatology. She then worked as a dermatologist specialising in dermatosurgery at the dermatological practice Dyaderm, formerly von Schmiedeberg's practice, until the end.

Dr Lang has published in renowned journals, including the "Journal der Deutschen Dermatologischen Gesellschaft" and "Der Hautarzt". She is also co-author of the world's best-known dermatology textbook "Dermatology Bolognia" and "Harrisons Principles of Internal Medicine".

Also worth knowing: our co-founder and specialist medical director is considered a serial founder along with our co-founder Alice Martin, MD. Together, the two doctors founded MEDI-LOGIN, an online portal for certified continuing medical education courses for doctors, back in 2018.

Dr Lang is a mother of two and speaks fluent Spanish - in addition to German and English.

At dermanostic, she is responsible for quality assurance as a specialist medical director and regularly organises case conferences with dermanostic's panel of dermatological experts.

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