Dr. med. Eleni Papakonstantinou

Specialist for skin and venereal diseases

""You shouldn't want to foresee the future, but make it possible" - With dermanostic, we give everyone worldwide quick and easy access to dermatologists."

En dermatostic desde: Mai 2022

Número de pacientes dermánostic tratados: 13.400

áreas de especialización:

  • Dermatology
  • Venereology (venereal diseases)
  • Allergology
  • Teledermatology (dermatology by image-text method)
  • Paediatric dermatology (paediatric dermatological diseases)
  • Aesthetic dermatology
  • Dermatosurgery

Dr Papakonstantinou completed her medical studies at Aristotles University of Thessaloniki in Greece. As part of her medical studies, she took part in an Erasmus student exchange programme at the University of Duisburg-Essen.

After completing her studies, Dr Papakonstantinou began her further training as a specialist in dermatology and venereology at Magdeburg University Hospital and completed it at Hanover Medical School. She then worked as a dermatologist specialising in clinical and operative dermatology in the dermatological practice "Hautärzte am Markt" until the end.

Dr Papakonstantinou published articles in renowned German and international journals and wrote several book chapters. She is also the author of an English-language book on the subject of "Urticaria".

She wrote her doctoral thesis on the topic of "Atopic Dermatitis in Childhood" (neurodermatitis) and received her doctorate summa cum laude from the Hannover Medical School.

Also worth knowing: Dr Papakonstantinou is a mother of two and speaks fluent Greek - in addition to German and English.

She is firmly convinced that teledermatology is part of the future, through which one can best help many patients who are otherwise difficult to care for.

Since May 2022, Dr Papakonstantinou has been a member of the dermanostic medical team and treats our patients on a daily basis.

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