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Diagnosis, private prescription* and therapy recommendation within max. 24h
*Medication costs are borne by the patient, reimbursement for privately insured persons

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We accompany you personally, also online. Integrate your treatment flexibly into your everyday life. Our doctors treat skin, hair and nail changes as well as venereal diseases.

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For a healthy togetherness.

We offer all our patients digital treatment within a few hours.
9 out of 10 patients are treated completely digitally with us.
In some cases, further treatment on site is necessary (e.g. for operations). Therefore, we work together with more than 300 dermatologists in private practice in Germany. This enables us to provide fast and high-quality treatment - in every case.

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That speaks for itself:

Cooperation practices in each federal state

On-site scheduling support

Sensible combination of online and offline treatment

Going to the dermatologist without going to the dermatologist.

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This is how it works


Photos and questionnaire

You take photos of the change and answer a short questionnaire.


Diagnosis from the dermatologist

Within a maximum of 24 hours, a dermatology specialist prepares a doctor's letter including diagnosis and therapy recommendation.


Aftercare & queries

Do you have any questions or need a continued prescription? Feel free to contact us via our app!

You have the choice.

Find the perfect match for you & your skin.

All-round carefree package

Do you need a treatment or skin check for your skin change, but would you also like to receive an individual skin care plan including personalized product recommendation? A prescription and patient access for anonymous exchange are also included. Then the all-round carefree package for 73 EUR is your perfect match.

Skin and Care Routine Package

With our Skin+ package for 45 EUR you not only receive a dermatological treatment, but also a customised skin care plan including skin type determination and personalised product recommendations tailored to you & your skin.

Basic package

A skin change has occurred recently and you would like a dermatological treatment? With our Basic Package for 25 EUR you also have the possibility to ask questions about the diagnosis or therapy.

We have already successfully treated over 180,000 patients:

| September 27, 2023

Quick help at a fair price (25 euros plus medication). My private health insurance covered 100% of the costs. I'm very satisfied!

Kathrin Rother
via Google Maps

| October 19, 2023

I am simply impressed, very professional, quick and competent: I sent three pictures and half an hour later the diagnosis came with a prescription, dialed the pharmacy nearby and picked up the medication, great! Thank you so much!

Barbara Soave
via Google Maps

| November 16, 2023

A really helpful app, especially for people with little time. It was like a doctor's office in your pocket 🙌🏽 Thanks to the Dermanostic app, I was able to upload my request on the go and promptly received feedback with helpful information and a prescription for the subsequent treatment. Many thanks to the medical team and good luck!

via Apple App Store

| October 16, 2023

Very satisfied, excellent and fast service

I'm using dermanostic's service for the second time this year. The diagnosis and treatment suggestion, including prescription, came after a short time and that on Sunday evening. On the other hand, as a health insurance patient, I have to wait half a year for an appointment with a dermatologist. I am happy to accept the extra costs (diagnosis, treatment suggestion and private prescription).

via Apple App Store

| September 11, 2023

Just great!!!

As I didn't want to wait months for an appointment due to an acute problem, I tried out the Dermanostic app - and I'm delighted! Fill in the questionnaire, explain the symptoms, upload photos, done! Less than 24 hours later, I had a detailed report with a private prescription, and the app also supports ordering the prescribed medication from My skin is fine again, and the app is definitely recommended for acute problems!

via Apple App Store

| October 1, 2023

Highly Recommended

Thank you for the quick help and the very simple and effective therapy. I was even called in person to clarify my questions about the diagnosis. Everything was explained thoroughly and nicely. After 2 days, my daughter's skin has already become much better. Please keep up the good work!! The app itself is also very well implemented. Modern and simple I am very satisfied and recommend it to everyone!!

via Apple App Store

| September 28, 2023


Very pleasant and great advice via app and telephone. I was able to ask questions at any time, which were answered promptly and competently. I will continue to use the app.

via Apple App Store

| March 5, 2023

I am thrilled

Used twice, confirmed twice later by own dermatologist. The diagnoses are detailed and easy to understand, the recommendations make sense and ultimately helped me. Especially with today's waiting times for an appointment, it's a really good alternative. And it's worth the price. Clear recommendation.

Otto Normalverbraucher
via Google Maps

| March 21, 2023

Quick diagnosis

Very satisfied, very quick and detailed feedback. The treated doctor was able to diagnose me quickly and the prescription was there within 2 days.

Frau Herbst
via Google Maps

| May 12, 2023

Who has skin problems - use dermanostic

I have already used dermanostic for the 2nd time because of different skin problems. Also this time - super fast, competent feedback with understandable diagnosis + therapy suggestions and online prescription as fast as lightning. After only 3 days with the new medication, a considerable improvement could be felt. So, if you have skin problems, you should definitely use dermanostic!

Endlich Privat
via Google Maps

| May 14, 2023

Well invested

Quick help. Detailed findings & recipe. The €25 is well invested - thank you 🌻☀️

saaR xoxo
via Google Maps

| April 30, 2023


PERFECT! Description with photos sent. The answer with diagnosis and 2-page detailed report came within a very short time. Prescription went directly to the pharmacy of choice. Absolute recommendation!

Christine Kröhnert
via Google Maps

| April 21, 2023

I was still sceptical at the beginning

I received my diagnosis on the same day, which is the same as previous dermatologist visits. My previous therapeutic experiences also seemed to be taken seriously and in the end I even responded to my wish to try one of these therapies again, as it worked out well. I then had the recipe for it with me. Really great! I was skeptical at first, but I now think that there is really a doctor there who is willing to respond to requests, but still makes sure that it fits the findings.

via Google Maps

| November 13, 2022

I'm thrilled

This app saved my head (literally). I suffer from inflammation of the hair follicles, which is very unpleasant. My dermatologist was able to give me an appointment for the end of January (other practices in the area in early summer or are not accepting anyone anymore). I would probably have scratched my scalp off by then. Thank you for the quick help; luckily, the prescribed product is already showing its effect. It's great that this option is now available. Unfortunately, our healthcare system is no longer able to cope.

via Apple App Store

| October 27, 2022

Money against time !

I would be happy to pay there! Instead of waiting months for a dermatologist appointment. I tested it with the app for the first time today. I'm very happy. I received a quick diagnosis for my rash. I can already pick up the prescriptions from my pharmacy today. Top thing!! Very convenient Anytime again.

via Apple App Store

| October 25, 2022


Why haven't I known this app for a long time? 😪 Instead of waiting 3 hours or getting an appointment at all, you can easily do everything via the app. The next day, you will get the results and recommendations of products, recommended therapies, etc. It is written very comprehensively and clearly. What I think is great is that you always have the findings with you & can read them again and again. I can definitely recommend it to others! 👍🏼 I would like to thank Dr. Laura Pfeifer ☺️

P.anh Bùi
via Apple App Store

| October 24, 2022

Very cool app with top features

The prescription arrived with the findings on the same working day. The prescription is sent directly from the app to the local pharmacy for collection or to the online pharmacy. It couldn't be easier and more convenient for the patient. High praise 👍🏻

via Apple App Store

| October 23, 2022

Great app!

At first I was a bit sceptical about how safe diagnostics via app would be, but in the meantime I am completely convinced. You don't have to wait months - I've always had my results in under 3 hours! You get a detailed doctor's report with treatment options, a skin encyclopaedia is available for your own research and the app is very easy to use! I can only recommend it to everyone :)

via Apple App Store

| October 19, 2022

A great, helpful app

I can only say that I am simply thrilled with the app and the team behind it! The app is self-explanatory, you get feedback from a doctor within a very short time, including a precise diagnosis, prescription and treatment plan. If you have any questions, you can contact the team quickly and get feedback very quickly. I have already used the app twice for a request and will do so again at any time. Keep up the good work and thank you!

via Apple App Store

| October 9, 2022

The future is here

I think the app, or rather the offer behind it, is great. About the app: it is clearly and comprehensibly designed. Registration runs smoothly. When you go for an "examination", you are guided through the steps in a sensible way. The offer: I received a diagnosis after about four hours (which was also correct!). This was written in detail and personally and, in addition to a prescription, also had a direct link to an online pharmacy. I am completely satisfied!

Alpen Slone
via Apple App Store

| September 30, 2022


I've never given feedback on an app before, but I can't help it here! Simply ingenious! Super easy to use, fast and smart. The direct forwarding of the prescription to an online pharmacy puts the crown on the whole thing! This is the future!

via Apple App Store

| September 17, 2021

Simple, fast and helpful!

A diagnosis was made to me quickly and easily and a treatment was suggested. With success! If you don't want to make an appointment with a dermatologist, you can use this app. The costs are €25.

via Apple App Store

| September 6, 2021


Great app, no matter how small, they answer quickly and the team is very professional and competent. 25€ is a small price for the service:)

via Apple App Store

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