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Contact the dermatologist conveniently with your smartphone - no matter where, no matter when. Upload three photos and answer a questionnaire. Our dermatologists will send you a diagnosis within 24 hours, with therapy and prescription. The medical service costs 25€ (reimbursable for those with private insurance).


Discover skin changes

We treat all skin, hair and nail changes as well as sexually transmitted diseases.


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answer questions

Use our app to take three photos of the changes on your skin and answer a short medical history questionnaire.


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in 24 hours

A dermatology specialist will examine your case and you will receive a digital doctor's letter with your diagnosis and treatment recommendation.

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Our dermatologists

We will personally accompany you, online as well. Incorporate your treatment flexibly into your everyday life. Our dermatologists treat skin, hair and nail changes as well as sexually transmitted diseases.

More about us
More about us

Prompt and good diagnosis. The prescribed ointment brought immediate improvement. Of course, the price is debatable. No waiting time for an appointment, no crowded waiting room, no running around.... And a prescription can be sent home on request.

I am definitely willing to pay for this really high quality and fast diagnosis up to the prescription and cure for my disease and not have to wait weeks for an appointment & pay parking fees. This innovation should be covered by the health insurance companies. Great!

A huge help, especially for those with statutory insurance! I had no chance of even getting an appointment with a dermatologist in the area. dermanostic was my helper in need! Diagnosis received in a few hours! Doctor's letter was written very comprehensible and patient-friendly.

It was ideal for the weekend with no possibility to go to the doctors, not enough for a visit to the hospital. A brief description of the case, 3 photos taken and a few hours later the diagnosis was made. My dermatologist later confirmed the diagnosis and the treatment suggestion.

I am thrilled. Very quick and well-founded diagnosis, appropriate prescriptions. What I liked best was the individual doctor's letter, which explained everything in detail and was also honest about the expected effectiveness of the medicines. Highly recommended!

Fast, detailed, professional! Even on Sunday, a prompt answer to my main problem: detailed diagnosis and extensive skin lexicon. Prescription is immediately faxed to the pharmacy of choice, so that prescription drugs are also available. Simply brilliant!

As my son and wife had an unexplained rash at the same time I tried making an appointment with three different dermatologists, but they all had a waiting period of at least 3 months. By chance, I thought that there might be apps for this and lo and behold, "bull's eye"!

I am a doctor myself and still suffer from eternal waiting times with specialists. The app worked perfectly, the detailed doctor's letter followed 12 hours later. Clear diagnosis, detailed therapy recommendation. For once, it really is a "brave new digital world". I can only recommend it.

The assessment was there very quickly. The diagnosis was described precisely and in detail and explained exactly what to do. The app has spared me a lengthy appointment fight and a trip to the specialist including waiting time! Thank you again and again! This is the dermatology of the future!!!!!

To the skin lexicon

Our skin lexicon

Detailed free information on many skin diseases. Created by doctors, made for patients. We explain each individual condition in an understandable way for you. This saves you further research and gives you all the information you need!

To the skin lexicon

Dermatologist via app

Within 24 hours you will receive a diagnosis and therapy recommendation from our dermatologists including a prescription.

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