How it works

To make the dermatology treatment as easy and convenient as possible, we have listed the individual steps here.
Illustration by two working dermatologists

Download app

For the best user experience and exclusive benefits, download the app for Android or iOS. Alternatively, you can start the treatment directly from the browser.
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To create an account, we need an email address - all data we receive from you will be treated confidentially according to DSGVO standards. Alternatively, you can register at a later date.
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Upload images &
fill out a questionnaire

Have you discovered a change on your skin? Then we are here for you. Take 3 pictures of the affected area and upload them. By the way: No one except your attending dermatologist has access to the images. Then fill out a short questionnaire so that we can treat you as best as possible.
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The treatment costs 25€. Those with private insurance can submit the bill as usual and the costs will be reimbursed.
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Diagnosis, therapy and
prescription in 24 hours

You will receive your diagnosis in 24 hours at the latest. 92% of our patients do not need another visit to the dermatologist afterwards. Our dermatologists will provide you with a private prescription. We will send you the prescription either by post, to your home or by fax to the pharmacy of your choice.
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