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Why don't you get to know us first and then we will show you what we are currently looking for - but your own initiative is always welcome! We look forward to receiving your application.

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What is dermanostic?

As a team, we have become Europe's largest online dermatology practice. And as a team we will achieve much more!

Our vision is to make access to dermatology as easy as possible for all patients around the world. Be it with our online dermatologist app, our educational content on social media or the many other ideas that we develop together as a team.

Everyone gets involved with us and every idea is welcome! Only together can we achieve our goals and make a big difference.

We still have a lot to do - will you join us on this journey?

What's in it for you?

We could list the usual standards such as flexible working hours, technical equipment, coffee flat from the Jura fully automatic machine and excellent public transport and car connections.

However, what really matters to us are the following 3 points:

team spirit

Sounds like a platitude, but we mean it. Our spirit is simply fun! Every individual is important and taken 100% seriously.


You want to develop yourself further, get to know new tasks and take on responsibility? That's exactly what we demand and encourage!

Learning &

There is no further development without education. We train each other, have experts for almost every topic, and if you would like to attend a course, let us know.

We introduce ourselves

What our employees say

We have collected a few votes from our employees. If you have specific questions about our team or simply want an “unfiltered” opinion, click on the pictures and send an email to the respective employee.


“At dermanostic, everyone can develop to where he/she wants to go. If you have an idea or want to take on another task, that is almost always made possible.”

Christan Paffhausen Profile picture

Christan Paffhausen

Head of Marketing

“At dermanostic, I find the intensive online support for patients very valuable. For me as a nurse, this possibility to be so "close" to the patient from a distance is almost a small miracle.”

Dilek Suleiman Profile picture

Dilek Suleiman

Head of Patient Happiness

How does the application process work?


Send us your CV and write informally why you want to work at dermanostic - we don't need a classic, formal cover letter!

Up to 3

Phone, online and on-site. In the order and in a very casual way. We want to get to know each other, don't we? Ask your questions and be curious about what's to come.


We fit together and come to an agreement? Fantastic! Welcome to the dermanostic team. Of course there's a proper onboarding - but with us you're in the thick of things from day 1 instead of just being there.


We have a number of specific vacancies in our teams - if there is nothing suitable for you, but you would still like to work with us: feel free to send us an unsolicited application.

Are there any questions left unanswered?

Write us an informal emailkarriere@dermanostic.com. We will be happy to answer them for you!

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