Employee programme Beiersdorf

Welcome to dermanostic, Beiersdorf's new prevention service for our employees

  • Dermanostic app. Your 24/7 online dermatologist:
    Free quote for you and your family!
  • Detect and treat skin diseases quickly and reliably
  • Specialist skin diagnosis within 24 hours
  • Certified data protection

If you do not have a company e-mail address, please contact your BGM manager to receive a registration code.

For technical or medical questions, contact dermanostic directly, either in the app or at info@dermanostic.com.

Further information and FAQ can be found here and on the Dermanostic page of Beiersdorf Health Management.


So funktioniert's

Download dermanostic app

For the secure and user-friendly transfer of your data to our dermatologists, you can use our app, which you can download for Android and iOS.

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Request code and register

  1. Sign in with your company email address above. You will then receive a code via email.
  2. Download app
  3. Create an account by clicking the settings icon

Sign up for the employee program

In the “Account Settings”, enter the code that you have received by email under “Employee Program” and you're ready to go

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We as an alternative

Conventional doctor visit

ø 35 days waiting for the appointment

Arrival + stay in the waiting room

The minimum of clarification (often due to lack of time)




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No waiting time

From the comfort of your own home

Personalized skincare plan

Detailed explanations + videos

Care product recommendations

Free skin condition assessment