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Diagnosis, therapy and prescription by dermatologists. Available 24/7. In cooperation with:

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Contact the dermatologist conveniently with your smartphone - no matter where, no matter when. Upload three photos and answer a questionnaire. Our dermatologists will send you a diagnosis within 24 hours, with therapy and prescription. The medical service costs 25€ (reimbursable for those with private insurance).

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We will personally accompany you, online as well. Incorporate your treatment flexibly into your everyday life. Our dermatologists treat skin, hair and nail changes as well as sexually transmitted diseases.

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Therapy of acne inversa

The first treatment approaches are usually disinfecting hygiene measures

Inflammatory response can be reduced with antibiotic combination

For some time now, treatment with a so-called biologic has been an option

The treatment of choice is surgery and removal of the areas of inflammation.

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Dermatologist via app

Within 24 hours you will receive a diagnosis and therapy recommendation from our dermatologists including a prescription.

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