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Known from the online dermatology practice dermanostic

Alice Martin MD and Estefanía Lang MD

The skin is our body's largest organ

Alice Martin MD and Estefanía Lang MD

The skin is our body's largest organ

Our main online dermatology diagnosis is: acne!

Sufferers are inundated with a multitude of tips and tricks on the internet, which raise many questions. What is the truth and what was just a myth after all?

This book offers a holistic approach to the subject of acne, providing you with valuable insights into acne nutrition, skin care and medical therapy from a specialist perspective.

We have taken the questions and wishes of our many thousands of patients and decided to write this book! We thank you for your trust: we accompany you with this book on a naturally free path of acne.

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In our online dermatology practice dermanostic we have already successfully treated over 180,000 patients.

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1. Which active ingredient is particularly good for acne and skin blemishes?


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About us
About Dr. med. Alice Martin

About Dr. med. Alice Martin

My name is Alice Martin, MD, dermatologist in further education and co-founder of the online dermatology practice dermanostic. Here, we treat hundreds of patients every day.

I started my specialist training at the Dermatology Department of the University Hospital Düsseldorf and continued at the Helios University Hospital Wuppertal. Since 2018, I have started to pursue my passion for teaching and explaining dermatological conditions on a part-time basis. At dermanostic, I am responsible for public relations. I am pleased when we can meet on TikTok, Instagram, Youtube or elsewhere, and dive into the world of dermatology.

About Dr. med. Estefanía Lang

My name is Estefanía Lang and I am the medical director in the online dermatology practice, dermanostic.

I completed my medical studies at the University of La Laguna and at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in Spain. After finishing my studies, I started my extended training at the University Hospital Düsseldorf to become a specialist in dermatology.

I am a mother of two and speak - besides German and English - fluent Spanish. Since acne is one of the leading diagnoses in our online practice, I am very happy to have co-written this book for patients as a guide and advisor.

About Dr. med. Estefanía Lang

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