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dermanostic - We introduce ourselves!

Jennifer Mürdter   24.09.2020

Hello dear visitors and welcome to our website!

We are very pleased to welcome you to our blog. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves to you and give you an insight into what topics you can expect to find here in the future.

We start our blog series by diving into the world of dermanostic together with you and taking a closer look at the success story of our Düsseldorf-based start-up so far.

Teledermatology and dermanostic

dermanostic is a teledermatology company that offers patients the opportunity to consult a dermatologist via app. Using our app, the patient photographs the affected skin areas and receives a dermatological diagnosis within 24 hours, including a therapy recommendation and, if necessary, a prescription.

The possibility of telemedical treatment has opened new doors for both, patients and specialists. The offers in this area have increased considerably in the last few years, but their significance increased even more with the Covid-19 pandemic. The concept is simple: with the help of information and communication technologies, medical diagnosis and therapy are provided across a spatial and temporal distance between the patient and the medical practitioner.

What makes us special?

dermanostic was founded by four young physicians in Düsseldorf with the idea of avoiding unnecessary visits to the doctor and thus relieving dermatologists in local practice in particular.

Especially with dermatologists, long waiting times for a doctor's appointment as well as in the local practice are common. This mainly affects diseases where the patient is suffering but not in an acute emergency situation. With the app we have developed, patients can get a diagnosis of their skin problem from our German-trained skin specialists without having to wait long for an appointment and without having to visit a dermatologist.

Procedure of the treatment

After downloading the dermanostic app, the user registers and creates a case about their skin condition. In doing so, the patient takes three photos of the affected skin area and fills out a short questionnaire. Our dermatologists examine and evaluate the concern, so that the affected person has a diagnosis and a therapy recommendation within 24 hours. If necessary and desired, we also directly prescribe a private prescription so that our patients can start therapy as soon as possible.

ImgDo you have a skin condition that you would like to have checked? Let our doctors treat you at dermanostic - dermatologist by app and get advice. You will be helped within 24 hours.

Cash-back guarantee

Our treatment is billed according to the scale of fees for physicians. Therefore, we charge our customers €25 per case. Most private health insurances cover this amount; we are in talks with the public health insurances.

In addition, we offer our patients a money-back guarantee: If we are not able to make a diagnosis despite good photos, we will inform you immediately and will of course reimburse you.

The essentials

Quick diagnosis and treatment are crucial, especially in the case of skin lesions, so that healing can begin in the early stages and the condition does not worsen.

We offer you certainty within 24 hours - no matter if it is a working day, a weekend or a holiday and no matter in which time zone you are located.

We are also very happy to take on dermatological topics suggested by you. Send us your suggestions for topics by e-mail.

We are glad that you have taken the time to get to know us better.

Stay healthy!

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us via our App, or our Social Media pages!

Written by Jennifer Mürdter