Dr. Med. Alice Martin
Dr. Med. Alice Martin

Dear visitor,

How nice to welcome you here! I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Alice Martin, MD, dermatologist in training and co-founder of dermanostic. I started my specialist training at the dermatology department of the University Hospital Düsseldorf and continued at the Helios University Hospital Wuppertal. Since 2018, I have started to pursue my passion for teaching and explaining dermatological diseases on a part-time basis. Therefore, I am now also a lecturer at the FOM University of Applied Sciences.

At dermanostic, I am responsible for public relations.

I am very happy when we meet at TikTok, Instagram, Youtube or elsewhere and dive into the world of dermatology.

Dr. Med. Alice Martin

Dr. Med. Alice Martin
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Media appearances

Dr. med.Alice Martin actively designs dermanostic's social media channels and shares her expertise on dermatological topics such as skin and hair care, but also skin diseases or venereal diseases in the form of videos.She is also responsible for the company's specialist editorial work and handles public patient communication.

Dr. Alice Martin is also known from numerous magazines, TV, radio and podcasts.Interviews on dermatological topics can be found, for example, in Cosmopolitan, JOY, SHAPE, Fit For Fun or BUNTE.

She has already made TV appearances on ZDF, WDR, n.TV and RTL. Most recently, she was a guest on SternTV in three episodes.

For enquiries about media appearances, cooperations or interviews, we would be very pleased to hear from you: medienauftritte@dermanostic.com